…Get get get drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAaa …..

Desiigner is LIT. After his banger “Panda” (streamed almost 1/2million times on Spotify | featured in Kanye’s Life of Pablo) the 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper took off like craaazy. Releasing another more darker more twisted track called “Timmy Turner” followed by his Album New English released in June he banged on -unruly-. On his tour he’s hitting each city so hard that .. well … see for yourself – fast forward to 01:10 –


His latest release though is really hawt. The music video for “Zombie Walk ft. King Savage” is a older track which Desiigner and his homie King Savage recorded back in 2014. It’s inspiration is astonishingly awesome as it addresses Arthrogryposis , a rare disease which causes abnormal growth and dysfunctional joints. You can see Savages walk in the video and not give a shit what anyone thinks. Savage himself says

“I had barely any friends, and people always made fun of me because of my appearance. It was rough growing up with Arthrogryposis, but it was a life experience that made me stronger.  The friends that I have now are real. They grew up with me, and stayed with me through thick and thin. Desiigner is one of those friends.” – localsavage 

Long story short: 2 young guys + a crazy attitude + no fucks given + sick beat = “Zombie Walk”

Check out the incredibly well done video below

“best music video of the world” – noisey




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